More School Policies

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices

Any student who uses such devices without specific permission from a staff member may have the device confiscated for an appropriate time period, as determined by the teacher. Students will be able to pick up confiscated devices brought to the office at the end of the day from the office. Students for whom this is an ongoing concern will be required to relinquish those devices to the office at the beginning of the school day and retain them at the end of the school day. Parents will also be contacted by Admin.

Students found using  a cell phone or electronic device during an exam will be given a mark of zero for part of or for the entire test, or be required to write a make-up test, depending on the circumstances.

There shall be no photos, video, or sound recording or any other digital recording without permission from the subject, whether staff or students. Students will be asked to delete recordings taken without permission if deemed necessary to maintain a safe and caring environment in the school.

Students found using their cell phone in the washroom areas and locker rooms will be subject to school discipline. Students are to leave phones in their lockers for their P.E. class. 

Common Sense Policy

Unusual items (such as laser pointers,) may be brought to school for use in class, with teacher permission, provided they are used appropriately and then stored. Should a student choose to bring an item and use it inappropriately, it will be confiscated and depending on the item, it may be made available for return to the student at the end of the day or kept by the teacher or administration until the matter is completed.  Please respect others as well as yourself.

Dress Code

Clothing is expected to be respectful of others and appropriate to a working and learning environment. Students must wear clean, tasteful clothing and refrain from wearing inappropriate attire including drug and alcohol logos, sexually suggestive designs, or profanity. Hats are acceptable at WCCHS, but students are asked comply with teachers’ instructions in all locations. 

Staff members have the final say in determining if a student’s dress is appropriate.  If requested, a student must remedy their dress by changing or will be given a change of clothing from the office.   All staff will adhere to these standards themselves, and will also enforce these standards both within their classrooms and throughout the school.

Good Neighbour

All staff and students are expected to act in a respectful way towards the neighbors who boarder our school.  This means that all staff and students help maintain a safe and clean environment.  This is demonstrated by:

  • Driving slowly and quietly around the school
  • Refrain from any littering by using the garbage bins provided
  • Not using the neighbors’ yard, boulevard or back alleys for gathering or smoking.
  • Using appropriate, respectful language.


Willow Creek Composite High School is a tobacco, vape and smoke-free environment.  Students under 18 are not allowed to smoke in public, even if they are off school property.  No student is to be smoking within sight of the school. Students are not allowed to leave the school during class time or period breaks for the purpose of using tobacco products. Continued breaking of the tobacco policy may result in the student being suspended and/or charged by the RCMP and given a ticket (amount of fine subject to change). Any and all electronic smoking devices are also prohibited within sight of the school property.

Drugs and Alcohol

Any involvement with or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at school, or any school activity, will not be tolerated.  Students violating this policy will be suspended immediately.  The length of suspension will range from one to five days. Parents and students will meet with school administration to discuss possible reinstatement and restrictions. It should be understood that RCMP will also become involved.


Students involved in fighting or arranging for a fight on school property or at school-related activities will be suspended immediately.  The length of the suspension will vary from one to five days, depending on the circumstances. Bystanders or spectators to an event of this nature should also expect school discipline.  It should be understood that RCMP may also become involved.