Academic Flex Block

High School Academic Flex Block

The goal of the WCCHS Academic Flex Block is to provide our students with extra support and time to ensure academic success.

Students have been assigned an Academic Flex Block based on the courses they are enrolled in. This block is Mon-Thurs and attendance is mandatory for assigned students. All students in grades 10 and 11 are assigned to an Academic Flex Block advisor. Grade 12 students are assigned depending on their timetable and academic progress. If a student wishes to see a teacher other than their advisor during Academic Flex Block, the student is expected to approach the teacher and ask that the teacher request the student’s attendance. A classroom teacher may also request a student attend their class during Academic Flex Block.

Junior High Flex Block

The goal of this block is to provide time for junior high students and teachers to have time together to work on whatever they determine to be most important. This may be time to catch up on homework (eliminating the homework option, ensuring that all students have access to all option classes). This may be time for extra instruction for students who are struggling, enrichment for those require more or even time for students to enjoy silent reading.