All students are expected to attend classes regularly and punctually (Alberta School Act.)  Research and experience have shown that good attendance is an important factor in high achievement. Excused absences from a parent or guardian are granted in two ways:

  •  Parents can contact the office (signed note or phone call) up to six months in advance to explain their child’s absence. 
  •  Parents may send a note to school or telephone the school the morning of the student's return. 

Note:    If the student fails to get a parent to explain their absence to the office, an automated phone call, text, or email will be sent to the parent.  This is to ensure that parents are aware of every absence a student has.  

Students who must leave school during the school day for whatever reason must have signed out in the office and check in at the office upon return.

Late Procedure

The Livingstone Range School Division’s Administrative Procedure 330, #5 states that it is the school administration’s responsibility to determine what shall be considered an excusable absence or late.  Administrative Procedure 330 provides a list of what is classified as an excusable absence or late.  Only administration can excuse absences. Students must notify the office prior to, or on the day of, their absence. 

The school reserves the right to consequence a student for inexcusable absences regardless of whether a parent or guardian approves the absence.

Students are encouraged to make non-excusable appointments or other nonessential trips after school hours.  Students who fail to maintain a 90% excused or unexcused attendance rate or have chronic punctuality problems (lates) will be subject to one or more of the following actions:

  •  conference with the student and/or parent(s)
  •  adjustment of programs or schedules
  •  appropriate counseling
  •  other appropriate action