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Learning Commons

Borrow E-books

OVERDRIVE IS HERE! Borrow e-books and audio books using your school username and password. Check out the video to get you started! Got questions? Email Mrs. Marshall at marshalld@lrsd.ab.ca She is available 8:45-3:30 Tuesday-Thursday.



Homework Help, Amazing Sites, and Fun Things To Do and Learn

Check out Mrs. Marshall's Learning Resources site. Filled with things to help with homework and even more things to go and learn. 

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Calm Room

Relax in our  Virtual Calm Room 

There are coloring pages, breathing tips and more!

Outdoor Education from Home!

AHEIA Outdoor Wildlife Learning (O.W.L.) SERIES (FREE)

AHEIA's new OWL series currently includes four modules! Keep an eye on our social feeds and website for new additions to the series! Here is a break down of the current four modules (all of which have been very popular)!
 Module 1: Junior Wildlife Workbook
An educational workbook to keep your child interested and stimulated with mazes, word searches, colouring and more! Available HERE

Module 2: Know Your Knots
This activity book teaches the important life and outdoor survival skill of knot tying. It features detailed instructions on how to tie 19 knots from start to finish (complete with photos and descriptions). Plus! There is a bonus super fun paracord activity also included! Available HERE

Module 3: Survival Kit Essentials 
This edition helps ensure that you will never again have to leave for your next wilderness adventure underprepared. We go through all the important parts of a survival kit and explain the different criteria to consider when building one for yourself! We have even created a free descriptive learning video to accompany this guide! Both available HERE

Module 4: THINK Firearm Safety
An educational workbook accompanied with a video to help people of all ages to THINK around firearms. Available HERE