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Parent Council

WCCHS School Council


What is WCCHS School Council & why should I attend??

We are a group of parents (along with the Principal, a student representative, and sometimes staff members) who meet on a monthly basis. It is a chance for parents to hear what is going on at the school and give feedback to the administration on new initiatives… your child spends most of their week here, you should know what’s going on!

Are the meetings long and boring? 

No!  We are pretty laid back - our meetings begin at 6:30 pm and often are about an hour long.  

What goes on? 

We find out about what’s going on at WCCHS!  We hear about new initiatives happening in the school and other important information. 

We get an update each month from a student representative who lets us know about what the student council has planned, we get a report from a teacher about what is happening in their classroom, and we also hear from an LRSD School Board Trustee, so we know what’s going on beyond our school in the division. 

Is there a huge time commitment? 

No!  We don’t fundraise, so that means that our focus is on the transfer of information.  At our Annual General Meeting each fall, some people will put their names forward for a leadership role for the year, but even that commitment is primarily just attending the meetings - not much outside of that! 

When do you meet? 

We mostly stick to the 2nd Tuesday of the month. (This changes if we have school holidays).  We meet in the Learning Commons at WCCHS.  We meet at 6:30 pm.

For more information contact rodgersr@lrsd.ab.ca