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Green Certificate

  • Available to students in grade 10-12 ( min age 15)

  • Students must have access to a trainer and AG setting

  • Curriculum is set by Alberta Agriculture and administered by Lethbridge College

  • Streams include: cow –calf, equine, swine, sheep, irrigation, field crops, beekeeping and dairy

  • Grades are determined by testers in an ‘interview style’ assessment setting ; there are no written exams.

  • The pre-requisite course is “AG Safety” – AG3000 ( 1 credit )

  • The Green Certificate course is worth 16 credits, all of which can be applied towards graduation.

  • Training sites and trainers must be approved by the school division before a student can enroll in the course.

  • There are at least three dates available per year for students to take the three tests needed to complete the GC. ( all tests are at Lethbridge College)

  • All academic support is required to come from a student’s trainer.