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Sports Society

The WCCHS Sports Society is an umbrella organization under which all sports teams at WCCHS  operate.  It is an independent society that has operated under the Societies Act of Alberta since 1995.

The Society provides the resources for each sports team at WCCHS to operate.  The resources are pooled from the collection of fees, fundraising initiatives, concession, 50/50 draws and donations.  The teams then use the resources available to them as teams at WCCHS.  All teams are to submit a budget.  No team is allowed to keep resources collected to them;  it all goes to the collective.  Occasionally, donations to a specific program are made.  While that money may be earmarked for a team, the result is less financial stress on the Sports Society as a whole.

The costs involved for any team will vary but they centre on several arrears.  They are:

  • Transportation (by school bus)

  • League and zone registration fees

  • Uniforms

  • Officiating

  • Equipment

Costs to coaches (lodging, food, transportation and coaching education) 

Transportation is the largest single budgetary item in any year.  To pay these costs, we access a casino once every thirty months or so.  The money from the casino, about $33,000, is earmarked for transportation costs.  For any regular season competition where the team travels in a coach as opposed to a school bus, the players will pay the difference between the cost of the school bus and that of the coach.

Fees are due upon registration for a sport.  If arrangements for a payment plan need to be worked out, that can be discussed at registration.  Funding is also available from Kidsport as well, but that is caped at $200 per student athlete per year.  If fees are not paid and arrangements not made, no uniform or equipment will be issued.  If a cheque for fees "bounces", that player will not be allowed to play in another sport until the previous fees have been paid.

When teams or individual athletes qualify for a provincial championship, Sports Society will pay for transportation, registration and coaches' costs.  The athlete is responsible for lodging and food costs as well as any personal spending money.  Any donation made to teams going to provincials will be used to offset costs the sports spociety would normally incur.

We believe that the collectivist approach allows for the efficient pooling and distribution of resources helps to keep our fees as low as we can.  In recent years costs have risen, so adhering to a budget and being accountable for the resources given is of top priority.  Students athletes develop through practice and competition therefore Sports Society's goal is success for all athletes. 

Our meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of each month and all are welcome to attend.