Every student, every day.

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

  • Available to students in grades 10-12 ( minimum 15 yrs old)

  • Almost all trades have RAP capability.

  • Students work with the off campus coordinator to find apprenticeship placements.

  • 40 credits are available , all of which apply to graduation.The students first year of apprenticeship may be completed while still in high school. Technical training is at the discretion of the student and the Apprenticeship Board.

  • All RAP worksites and supervisors must be OHS compliant and inspected by a representative of the school division.

  • Students must complete HCS 3000 before a RAP can start.

  • Rap contracts are identical to Apprenticeship contracts with the Alberta Apprenticeship Board. RAP students are issued the standard, ‘Blue Book’. (fee is $35.00 , payable to the Province)

  • Some trades are more regulated than others and may require a certified Journeyman as a site supervisorfor the apprentice ( eg: Welding, Hair Stylist, Auto Service Tech, HD Mechanic)

  • Standards of performance and behavior tend to be higher than the average worksite for young people. The off campus coordinator will orient the student and the parents about worksite expectations and protocols.  Absolutely ALL OHS Safety Regulations apply to each and every RAP student and their respective RAP work site.