Every student, every day.

Learning Support

Learning Support Services Provides . . .

  • Creation and monitoring of an Individual Program Plans (IPP or ISP) in a collaborative process with all stakeholders
  • Staff assistance to create and monitor modified, adapted or accommodated programs of study
  • Consultation and collaboration for inclusive programming and wrap-around support services
  • Training in the effective use of Assistive Technology
  • Specialized one to one or small group instruction from Learning Support staff
  • Access to an alternative testing environment
  • Development of self-advocacy skills and self-directed learning skills
  • Monitoring of student achievement
  • Inclusive Life Skills programming
  • Transition planning to post-secondary, the world of work or transitional programming
  • Coaching support for staff to meet the needs of diverse learners
  • Academic counselling services

Learning Support Team

The WCCHS Learning Support Team meets weekly to discuss student learning needs. The Learning Support Team meets monthly with each grade level team to discuss and review student supports and services. Members of the Learning Support Team includes:

Administration: Robert Rodgers and Elizabeth Klapp

Learning Support Teacher/Academic Counsellor: Elizabeth Klapp

Family School Liaison Counsellor: Mairin Gettman

Staff: Staff attend weekly Learning Support Meetings as needed and are expected to attend all grade level meetings.