Every student, every day.

Work Experience


  • Available to students in grades 10-12

  • 1 credit for every 25 hours worked

  • Students must have completed or in the process of completing “Work Place Safety”( HCS3000 )

  • All work sites must be approved by the off-campus coordinator before Work Experience can start and a formal “Off Campus Contract” must be in place.

  • Most sites qualify , but OHS compliancy and good supervision are paramount

  • 15 credits are possible from WE towards the HS diploma

  • An Internship Course is available for 3 or 5 credits for students in the trades, health care, education or technology related industries.

  • 10 credits in WE may be used as a 30 level course for graduation requirements ( WE 35 )

  • Post -secondary institutions such as U of C, U of L, SAIT and Lethbridge College recognize WE courses as completed high school courses and applicable to a student’s overall average.

Interested in learning how you can earn high school credits through work experience? Contact Mr. Rob Charchun (Off Campus Coordinator) at charchunr@lrsd.ab.ca / 403-682-9881 or fill out this Google form expressing interest.